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Baby Sawyer (and week 15)!

I'm cheating a little and using my time with Sawyer to count as week 15. You don't mind, right? Week 15: Red (the first photo should easily explain that!)

Little Sawyer was born March 24 and came into this world at 10 pounds 7 ounces and 22 1/2 inches - he was ready to meet the world strong, I think! With that, I think it makes sense that his mommy and daddy chose a Superhero theme for his nursery!

This little cutie didn't always want his head moved how I wanted it so we took photos on his terms - I can adjust easily, huh? I think he knew what he was doing though because those moments were just too precious. He peeked at me through his crib with this big baby blues...made my heart melt! And can we talk about his sweet little lips? Honestly - just the cutest little mouth! I'm a sucker for little baby feet, too, and he didn't disappoint - he has the cutest little feet!

Basically he's just an adorable little guy and I really consider myself lucky that his mommy and daddy chose me to capture some of his newborn moments!

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