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Liz and Sean's Engagement

It's remarkable to me that since I don't get any older that this 'little girl' that I've known since birth - all nearly 24 years of her life - is now getting married. I mean how can a baby be getting married?! ;)

Okay, in all seriousness, after only a tiny struggle to find a date that worked well we ended up with THE most lovely spring evening in April to take Liz and Sean's engagement photos. Liz cracked me up as we chatted prior to their session saying they've never had photos like this before and she wasn't sure what they really wanted and that I'd have to really guide them. Maybe they haven't had photos like this but I certainly didn't need to guide them - they just flowed naturally and together so well. A dream! These two are adorable and are sure to make a gorgeous bride and groom and I'm so happy for them!!

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