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Brody and Brynna

There's an unintentional theme going on within Aimee Anne Photography: Cousins. I kind of really love it!! :)

On the blog today are cousin Mollie's two littlest cuties, Brody and Brynna. We had a beautiful morning at Como Park and despite the lure of the zoo and rides Brody and Brynna were all about having photos taken of them. Well, Brody was anyway; Brynna wasn't too sure about it to start. Once she saw her brother in action though, she wanted in on it, too! Brody started off right away, "How about here? Take my picture here?" And he totally worked his posing...Mollie, you might want to look into a modeling career for him, he's a natural! :) And like I said, once Brynna saw how easy it was then she jumped right in, too!

These two little strawberry-blondes are future heart-breakers, no doubt! And the hugs I got from these two adorable munchkins when we were done was the cherry on top to the day!!

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