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James, AJ and Nicholas (can't forget mom and dad, too!)

The day finally arrived where I got to meet sweet baby Nicholas! He little smirks, big eyes and chubby cheeks did not disappoint! Of course meeting Nicholas meant I also got to see adorable little AJ (Alexander), my Godson and their big brother James who has grown about a foot since I last saw him!

We had a perfect summer morning for their session and the kids were ready for action, we (I!) just needed to get the creepy crawlies out of our system form the tick and the ginormous beetle we encountered. :)

Honestly, these three kids are just indescribably cute. Nicholas has those soulful eyes, AJ has that killer smile and James, well he's a teenager and probably wouldn't approve of me saying, but he is cuuuute! :)

Nicholas has had some serious health challenges and it is a blessing to see his handsome little face! You can read more and keep up to date here:

Of course it was great to see their mom and dad, too! :)

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