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Sara's Senior Session | Class of 2017

Sweet Sara…my beautiful niece who is just 17 days younger than my daughter Kaitlyn – how cool is that? To have a cousin that’s kind of like a sister that close in age to you? Absolutely priceless. You two are two peas in a pod. :)

What a blessing it’s been to watch you grow into the beautiful young woman you are, Sara. From the sweet, calm little baby with the eyes that were always so curious about the world around you to the fun, silly, spunky (perhaps sometimes sassy!) 17 year old – it’s been such a joy to be a witness to all of it. Great things are in store for you – go out and enjoy all the world has to offer (within reason and while behaving yourself and without giving your parents heart attacks). Love you (and hammond and shishiwoshish, too)!! XO

The cousins :)

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