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Jack | Class of 2017 | Minneapolis

Where do I begin with Jack? I guess to start, he's yet another cousin (yeah, big surprise there right?). ;) This kid has found a passion in life and pursued the heck out of it! I wonder if he could even count anymore how many plays he’s been in or helped with?! I find it incredibly admirable, at his age, to be so dedicated to something and to be able to find a passion so early in life. Jack is one of the sweetest, kindest, most polite guys - and I’m not just saying that because he’s family! Also, very, very patient! What was going to be some ‘quick senior photos’ turned into a morning-long event. I kept finding little spots I wanted to snap a shot of him in and he just kept moving along posing and smiling (I’m pretty sure if I could read his thought bubbles though….) Keep dreaming big, Jack, the world is your oyster! XO

#Classof2017 #2K17 #Minneapolis #DowntownMinneapolis #MillCity #StateTheatre

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