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Alec | Class of 2017 | Farmington and Lakeville

Temperature was just right, beautiful light - it was just the absolutely perfect fall evening for Alec’s senior photos. I’m continuously surprises (pleasantly) but the abundance of nice, sweet, polite, smart, good-looking seniors I’ve had the pleasure of working with and Alec was no exception. Thank goodness for his quiet demeanor because I’m pretty sure the dumb stuff I said to coax a smile had a thousand eye-rolls going in his head. ;) This kid is on top of things, too! College applications already submitted, one acceptance and waiting on the other – he is on his way! So awesome and I’m so happy for him! Congrats, Alec, and enjoy your senior year!

#Classof2017 #2K17 #Lakeville #Farmington #HighSchoolSenior

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