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Erickson Family | Phalen Lake

Maybe you’re new here and if that’s the case, thanks for stopping by and let me just point out that I love my family! And I have LOTS of cousins. And I’m really, really grateful for them. :)

And so to that point, here’s another cousin session and while this was a family session, let’s be real, it was all about the little guy! :) There’s no doubt in my mind that Sawyer is one of the most-loved little guys around and who can blame anyone for that? As cute as he is?? Forget about it. Of course, if you look at his mommy and daddy, grandparents and uncle – you’ll understand where all the adorableness came from. It was a pretty chilly fall morning for this session but we’re tough Minnesotans and made it through and had a lot of fun while we were at it.

Love this photo of Sawyer and his uncle - they're copying each other's faces - too sweet!

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