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Ken | Class of 2017 | Joy Park, North St. Paul

I get a little emotional over this guy, so forgive me if I get a little mushy. ;) Sometimes people just give off an air of being special – and that is most certainly Kennedy. Since he was a little boy in my daughter’s class I had that feeling about him and I do to this day. While it’s not my story to tell I think I can say Ken’s faced some challenges in life and, as with anyone when faced with challenges, you often have some decisions to make, a path to choose. It’s not always easy to make those decisions, especially at a young age. Kennedy has managed to continue on a path that makes so many proud of him and I am no exception.

Ken, I was so happy to take your photos back in October and you were as sweet and as kind as you were back in elementary school – just a little older now. ;) I truly enjoyed it and I'm sorry you were so cold!! ;) I am so very proud of you and KNOW great things are in store for you!! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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