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Grace | Class of 2017 | Oakdale Nature Center

We needed to reschedule Grace’s session because of hurricane-force winds. Okay, not hurricane-force but enough wind that with her long, beautiful hair we could have had some really interesting photos. :) We rescheduled for an early morning time instead and holy Hannah did we get absolutely perfect light and weather!

Grace was just too cute for words and totally trusted me with any silly little posing I put her up to – I loved it!! This was another session, too, that I couldn’t help but reflect back on the sweet, little five-year-old from so many years ago and I loved seeing that her sweet personality has stuck with her to this day. I’m just disappointed you didn’t sing for me, Grace (Kait may have shown me a video…!). Keep doing what you’re doing, gorgeous Grace – great things are in store!

#Classof2017 #2k17 #HighSchoolSenior

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