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Ryan | Class of 2017 | Hidden Falls

It’s been so much fun getting to know new families, new high school seniors this year and Ryan was no exception! Yet again, it was another beautiful fall day and the fall colors were putting on quite the display for Ryan’s session. We had a lot of choices for spots and I think I might have overwhelmed Ryan with ‘Okay, let’s try here and here and here….’ BUT he was such a great sport about it and kept on smiling through it all and appeasing me. Maybe I should have warned him ahead of time?! ;) And can I talk about that smile? When Ryan smiles his whole face lights up – eyes twinkle and everything - made my day!! Even now, looking back on these, I get a big smile when I see his. :) I had a great time getting to know you, Ryan - enjoy the rest of your senior year!!

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