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Austin and Isaac | Class of 2017

What a treat it was for me to be able to photograph the children of someone I’ve known since high school – and crazy to think that we’re old enough to have children graduating from high school….

Austin and Isaac are twins and I think often people see twins and think ‘they look the same, the act the same, the do the same things, they like the same things’ – that line of thinking does not apply to these two. In fact, in the time I spent with them I found them to each be as unique as a snowflake. I wondered if it would be a challenge photographing twins and trying to let their personalities show through, not posing the same way in the same spot and even if I was consciously aware of being careful of this, their different personalities inevitably led me to pose them in different areas in different ways – there was no need to even worry about it! :) Austin and Isaac – it was wonderful to meet you and I have no doubt your futures are bright and great things are in store!

#Classof2017 #2K17

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