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Cheyenne | Class of 2017 | Minnehaha Falls

Cheyenne was the last of my high school seniors for the season – I had such a fabulous time with her and all of the seniors. I KNOW I didn’t have my stuff together like these kids at that age? And the looks – wow! I had a great-looking bunch!!

I got pretty lucky with kids this year, I think – their patience with me was out of this world and Cheyenne was no exception. I dragged her everywhere through Minnehaha Falls park with lots of ‘oh, let’s try here, and let’s try there and oh wait, let’s go back there’. She was so calm and so sweet and so polite – what a fabulous afternoon – I just had such a great time with her. I mean, when you’re adorable as Cheyenne, though, it makes it very easy to keep shooting and shooting. Only two thirds of your senior year left, Cheyenne – enjoy every minute!!

#Classof2017 #2K17 #MinnehahaFalls

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