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Bradley | Class of 2018

I don't know, maybe it sounds redundant or repetitive but I swear it's the truth, I love what I do, I love meeting these ridiculously awesome seniors (and families and kids, etc) and I just feel super blessed to have these opportunities. (Side note: Bradley's grandpa was one of my high school assistant principals - small world!!)

The date we chose was kind of a last minute thing and it's amazing how sometimes those work out the best. The night was beautiful - comfortably warm, gorgeous evening sunlight, a super nice, friendly, cute, friendly high school senior - everything fell together just right. I'm always amazed at seniors in this day and age (yes, I know - that statement just made me sound ancient...) and Bradley was, of course, no exception. School hasn't even started and he's already got schools narrowed down and a major set -

Thanks for your faith in me - it truly means a lot - it was great a GREAT session! Enjoy your senior year, Bradley!!

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