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Reflecting on the Past Year and Looking Forward to the New Year!

Another year comes to a close and another year that I consider myself incredibly blessed and insanely lucky. I had the great fortune to connect with so many wonderful people in 2017; some family, some old friends, and lots of new friends :)! A few new experiences (mini sessions!) and lessons learned (Pepto Bismol is a great friend!), moving outside my comfort zone and challenging myself, knowing my limits but also pushing myself - all part of 2017.

Starting this business a couple of years ago truly has been life changing and even through all of the unknowns, the anxiety and the ever-present fear of 'am I really good enough to be doing this?' I would not change one single thing! Your support means the world to me and know that I couldn't be doing what I love without you! I am very much looking forward to what the next year will bring!

Thank you all for a fabulous 2017 and wishing you and your families a year full of love, laughter and happiness!!! Cheers!

A look back at 2017 (and full disclosure - totally busting myself - I am faaarrrr behind on blogging sessions so some I'm posting below have only had sneak peeks up so far and doing things out of order may or may not be giving me a little anxiety!!!):

Brooke and Ryan's wedding

Carson's Senior Session

Hunter's Senior Session

Sawyer's 1st Birthday

North Prom

Bradley's Senior Session

A Rotta Love Plus

Abby's Senior Session

Anna's Senior Session

Cole's Senior Session

The Erion Family

Gage's Senior Session

I even got in on the fun - my family!

North Volleyball

Emma's Senior Session

Lucy's Senior Session

Brady's Annual Photos

Dariona's Senior Session

Carlton Family

Boyden Family

My kids and nieces and nephews

The Stein Family

The Turnquist Family

Luke and Emily's Engagement Session

The Lee Family

The Hepper Family

Dominic and Sara's Wedding

The Burket Family

The Breth/Defor Family

The Barwick Family

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