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Jarred Van Horn

Every time I get the honor of taking senior photos for a high school classmate's son or daughter my mind is blown. We can't have kids that old, we were JUST in high school ourselves! Where did the time go? But, like I said, it's an honor. I'm beyond happy anytime I get to be out taking photos but it makes me happier when someone I've known for quite a few years puts their trust in my to capture these memories for them.

Jarred was such a joy to work with: funny, handsome, smart, easy-going, and on and on. I laughed a lot with Jarred and that just made that evening that much more fun for me (and I hope for him, too).

I don't know that a decision has been made quite yet for what college he's attending but I know wherever her decides will be awfully lucky to have him! Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Jarred!

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