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Viner Family

This session from the fall was extra special to me for a few reasons. Jimbo (sorry, pal, you’ll never not be Jimbo to me) is like the brother I never thought I wanted ;) a proxy brother, so to speak. I am Godmother to one of his sons, AJ ( what an honor!) and last but certainly not least, little Nick.

Nick was born with Heterotaxy and CHD and for all this little guy has been through in his few years he is absolutely amazing, a warrior. His first heart surgery was at just seven days old! Nick has so much personality and spunk and is incredibly sweet and resilient. A foundation was created in his name, the Nicholas Viner Heart Foundation and is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to raise awareness and provide direct support to improve the lives of those affected by heterotaxy and congenital heart defects, One Heartbeat at a Time. Please take a minute to check out his foundation and consider donating to this foundation (all proceeds go towards their programs to promote awareness and directly support those in the heterotaxy and heart communities.

This family is just extra-special in every way. James is a doting, loving and caring big brother. AJ is so much fun and super sweet. Nick, as I mentioned, has an incredible personality and awesome facial expressions. And little Jo Jo is the cutest little princess there ever was. Jimbo and Sherri are probably the most creative, fun-loving parents I’ve ever witnessed and manage their family with a finesse I wish I could bottle and sell. To say this session was a favorite is an understatement. :)

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