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Aric | Class of 2020

It could be a biased opinion but I have a pretty dang good-looking extended family. ;) Aric is another in the long list of cousins and it was such a fun evening with him. It was hit or miss with the weather that day; rainy, drizzly or just a little gloomy but that didn't stop us and I kind of really like the look the weather helped us with that day - especially the basketball shots.

As I write this we're in the middle of a pandemic and Aric and all of the Class of 2020 are looking at a much different senior year then they had envisioned. It makes me sad for them but I also know this group seniors is resilient and while there might be some sadness or some bittersweet feelings they will all get through this together.

Extra special thoughts out to this kid and the rest of the seniors right now!

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