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Jim | Class of 2020

I absolutely love sunrise sessions and while I know it's SO hard for high school kids to get up that early (for me too, who I am kidding?) it is SO worth it. Jimmy - I love that you were willing to do this so early and with a smile on your face. :)

Jim's another cousin (are you keeping count? We're at like 1,348 I think... ;) ) and I remember a number of years ago during a summer party he said to me 'Just think, in a few years you'll be taking my senior pictures.' I recall thinking that a few years is so far away...hahahahaha!

If you scroll through you'll quickly see Jimmy's an accomplished wrestler, making a number of State Tournament appearances (super impressive) and clearly is incredibly passionate about wrestling. It was such fun to see him in his element.

I feel like all of these posts in the last month have been so bittersweet and I suppose they are to some extent BUT there's a lot that has happened prior to these last few months of school that are still to be celebrated and these Class of 2020 Seniors shouldn't be defined by the 'pandemic'. Congrats, Jimmy, on all of your hard work throughout the years!

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