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Taylor | Class of 2020

I love the sessions where I've had the opportunity to know and watch these seniors grow-up and into these awesome young adults. I only wish I'd had the foresight to snap photos of these kids 'back then' so I could throw in a 'then and now' comparison. ;) I've known Taylor's family for a lot of years (and even had the pleasure of taking his sister's senior photos!) and was super excited when they reached out to schedule Taylor's senior session!

Taylor would likely be the first to admit he's on the quieter side (at least outside of his family perhaps ;) ) and taking photos aren't his most favorite thing in the world BUT look at these photos - for real! He totally went all model/GQ on me and it was awesome!

Taylor - I hope your senior year was the best, despite "the 'rona"! Congratulations!!

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