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I read this about sand dollars once and it kind of spoke to me; I felt like it captured the essence of me and the spirit of my business:  


Sand dollars move with the sea.  They embody energies of transformation, freedom, and the strength to change with grace.  Legend has it that the five doves of peace can be found within a sand dollar shell.  Some say these are the five angels that sang to the wise men.  Trust the process and receive the blessings that flow toward you.  

Hey there!  Whether you stumbled here accidentally or you sought this page out on purpose,  welcome! 


I probably first should tell you why I’m a photographer and how much I love it but I’m going with the fun stuff first; the stuff you’re dying to know, the stuff you wondered about (or maybe it’s just reaffirming what you do know?):) 

  • My family is my heart - I am truly blessed.

  • Got chocolate?  Let's be friends!  

  • Baseball is my favorite sport and I'm a diehard Twins fan - through the good, the bad and the ugly!  Volleyball and dance are favorites, too (thanks to my daughters!).   

  • You'll often find me with my nose in a book.

  • Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, Sun Kissed Hair!  While I live in the land of the cold and the snow my heart belongs at the ocean! 

  • Growing up I hated the way my name was spelled and now I thank God my mom wanted to be unique.  Most often I’m just called ‘Aim’ and a select few can get away with calling  me ‘Maimee’ (my Great Aunt Dorothy called me that and it’s like a term of endearment now).  Fun tidbit:  my mom’s way to get people to remember how to spell my name was ‘AIM for two E’s’ :)

If the above didn’t totally sell you on why you want me as your photographer of choice let me explain my strong passion for photography:  Even as a young girl I found myself passionate about photography.  Whether it was the photos that have been passed on in my family or with my own camera (a Kodak of some kind with the 4-bulb flash that spun around - a few of you know what I’m talking about!)  I was enamored by the images created and the stories that are told by photos.  The collection of photos that I have is massive: photos that were my parent's, my grandparent's and my great-grandparent's.  And I continue to add to the collection with my own photos with the hope this collection will continue to be passed on for many more generations. The passion for photography, both the act of taking the photograph (oh, and yes, I MUCH prefer to be behind the camera) and the end result of that photograph has continued to grow over the years and really exploded in 2015 when I took on 'Project 365', taking a photo a day for an entire year.  The combination of that and a solid group of friends and family (to whom I am forever grateful) that encouraged, cheered, supported, pushed and believed in me way more than I believed in myself is why I'm here and can call myself a small business owner!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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