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Week 12 of 52: Pets

A timely week 12! Wahoo! For Project 52's week 12 I chose 'Pets'. This one was easy, right? A dog and two cats from which to choose - slam dunk! Getting said animals to cooperate was another story all together. :) Fozzie and I had a little chat and he agreed to act like a sloth for me and everyone was happy!

Fozzie came into our lives in February 2008, a spunky little Yorkie-Poo (Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle mix) and stole our hearts immediately. Sure, there are days where he tries all our patience - he only listens to Bob, loves to run and by run I mean dash, sometimes the smells of the garbage are too much for him to ignore and he seems to really like leather laces in shoes/slippers - but he is THE best snuggler and has the cutest head tilt when you talk to him. :)

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