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Saraya & Seraphina

Sometimes you just know you're in the presence of something or someone very special. This session was one of those times. I've known Deanna since elementary school but really as more of an acquaintance; I didn't really know her much beyond mutual friends and social media. So, when she reached out to me for a session for her two beautiful daughters I was super excited but of course didn't really know what to expect not knowing her, or her daughters, well.

This woman is a survivor - literally. And with a force very much like a hurricane but a presence that I can only compare to the most serene peace and calm. Her view on life needs to somehow be captured more than I can do justice here with my measly words. Her outlook, her gratitude, her positivity , optimism, down-to-earth, real-life pragmatism, honest, real, kind are ALL things I aspire to have or to be and I think I could've honestly sat and talked to her for hours (while holding baby Seraphina - duh!). I left this session with such a sense of buoyancy and feeling so refreshed.

And that was just my time with Deanna. Don't even get me started on her sweet, sweet, sweet, Saraya (or Seraphina but she was a newborn so again, duh!). Saraya was honestly one of the sweetest, friendliest, charming, pleasant little girls I've ever met. She shared a lot, with honesty that only a child can, showed me her stuffed animals and had them all set-up and stacked for photos and posed, posed, posed. What a joy she was!

Saraya and Seraphina are INCREDIBLY blessed that God chose Deanna as their mommy and Deanna is equally as blessed He chose those two little girls for her daughters.

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