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Grace, Grit and Gratitude Wrap-up

What a year 2019 was! Thankfully it was one of those years that has me looking forward to the new year (and decade!) not because I want it to be over and move on from it but because I'm excited to see how to improve upon this last year, to see how much better things will be, how things that were great turn into freaking awesome.

I used 'Grace, Grit and Gratitude' as a motto or as a mantra this year and it might be hard to top it. I relied on grace often; to accept things as they come, to deal with them in ways that maybe I hadn't in the past. To look for the good. Grit was just that determination to push through no matter what. To grind it out when things felt tough. And gratitude, that's maybe the easiest. When I have had so much goodness this past year the gratitude seemed to easily flow.

I likely sound redundant with this but I am so incredibly blessed. Blessed with a fabulous family, awesome friends, jobs I love and a life that fills me with joy. That's not to say there's not some icky stuff or bad days but I truly am grateful that the joyful days and moments FAR outweigh any of the bad.

I always like to look back at my year both from a business and personal perspective. My business this year! I am grateful - truly grateful beyond words at the clients I have, the memories shared, the trust that is placed in me. My clients mean the world to me and there is no Aimee Anne Photography without you - you are at the core of what I do and your trust in me continues to drive me. I just can't stress enough the blessings that each and every one of you brought into my life in the last year (and years past). I am very much looking forward to this next year and hoping to see all of you again! Every single one of you are amazing, sweet, kind, caring and absolutely THE best! May 2020 be kind to you and may this new year bring you new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life.

Personally ~ whew! SO MUCH GOODNESS! I have been able to do and see so many things but most importantly spend time with my favorite people and continue to build relationships and create memories. I'm lucky enough to count many concerts under my belt this year (Garth Brooks, New Kids on the Block with Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Salt n Pepa, Thomas Rhett, Miranda Lambert, Clint Black, Elvis!); a trip to one of my favorite spots with my favorite person (my loving, patient, kind, patient, super-awesome, patient hubby!), Southwest Florida, the gulf coast; a few road trips; many days floating on the lake; a grand-puppy; one daughter getting her Masters and one following her dream and coaching volleyball; Twins games, finding my tribe of 'sisters' with She Climbs Mountains which allowed me to meet author Hope Edelman and also gave me the opportunity to help with SCM's launch of Girls Rise Up, many visits to the Minnesota State Fair and the biggest event of our year: our daughter got married! What an absolutely, stunningly perfect day in every way!

I wish I had a better word than blessed right now but it's truly what I'm feeling. I again, thank each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart for being in my life this past year!

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Albert Einstein

With gratitude and love,


Don't go quite yet - take a peek below. :)

These people rock! Absolutely, unequivocally rock! XOXO

The big day! The obviously professional photos? That's the amazing Julie Greer Photography! XO (Be sure to scroll through!!!)

And a little glimpse into my 2019 :) (gotta put you to work again and work that scroll!)

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