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Jake | Class of 2022

I know I've said it before but I looovveee when I get to take senior photos for kids I've known literally their entire life - it's just so neat to kind of come full-circle like that! Watching 'Jakey' grow up into the freaking awesome young man he is has been so much fun. Love, love, love his sense of humor and his sarcasm is a match for mine. ;)

We tortured this poor guy with a sunrise session in the middle of summer - great sport about it! Truthfully sunrise sessions are some of my favorites and we ended up having a really cool vibe this day; the wildfires from Canada were still happening and the smoke was carrying down to us so we had this near haze, reddish sun glow thing happening.

Jake-I hope your senior year has been great and that you're making lots of memories! Congrats!

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