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52 Week Photo Challenge - #3

I'll get caught up, I'll get caught up...if I keep telling myself that, it'll happen, right? As I'm editing vacation photos I'm not only picking my challenges for the weeks that happened while we were gone (I managed to be able to to count three different weeks for challenge purposes - yay!) but getting to relive our vacation a little bit. And in this dreary, snowy cold Minnesota weather, boy do I need it. Have I mentioned that my heart belongs by the ocean? How a born and raised Minnesota girl can have such a strong pull to the ocean is a little perplexing but it is what it is. I chose "Happiness" for week number three and this photo screams that to me; a) at the beach b) in Naples c) my beautiful girls (yes, I'm biased!) and d) love the laughing! I'll let you in on a secret: I told them to laugh! ;) At first I got the look like, 'You're kidding me right?" and then as the absolute silliness of it continued to roll I ended up with this. My happy place!

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