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Week 4 of 52 - A Favorite Place

A more appropriate title for week four would be 'A Few of My Favorite Things': there's my girls, ocean, salty air, sand, sun, sea shells, really I'm just missing my hubby in those photo - then it would be perfect!

This was our last day of vacation and I was determined to soak up every last bit of salty air that I could before returning to the frozen tundra we call home. Truth be told, it was windy and a little cool on our final day but again, being on the beach, having my feet in the sand just made those little things seem inconsequential.

This is definitely my happy place - life doesn't get much better than at the beach!

I love that we were able to find the perfect little Starfish to make the dot of the 'I' in Sanibel - it was kind of like the the cherry on top!

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