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Week 5, Project 52: Celebration

Sigghhh…vacation photos are all done. I suppose it’s time to move back into reality. :) For my Project 52’s week 5 theme I chose ‘Celebration’.

This week we celebrated my baby girl’s 17th birthday. It’s often the anticipation leading up to something that cause anxiety, concern, worry, questions and such was the case for me with her turning 17. Leading up to the day I was a little sad and maybe having a hard time believing that our baby was going to be 17. I mean, 17?! Where did the time go? 17? That means she’s nearly an adult. That means sending her off to college is looming… It may sound contrite but I mean it, Don’t Blink! Yes, I know work days go slowly, but children growing up? Time goes way too quickly!

Of course when we finally hit the big day that anxiousness slowly dissipated and the realization that all these changes weren’t just going to happen overnight sank in. Don’t judge – I’m a mom and worrying is what I do best! ;)

Enjoy the big and little moments – time really does fly by!

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