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Week 6, Project 52: Angles

I'm still trying to get caught up on my Project 52 but I'm getting there! For week six I chose 'Angles'. When I initially saw the 'angles' option I envisioned something geometry-like; then as I scrolled through images and saw the one below I thought to myself “Well, that’s taking a photo at a different angle, so why not?”. And I suppose that’s something that’s wonderful about photography, or art or just being an individual – it’s all open to interpretation.

This photo is my Kaitlyn playing volleyball. There was no spectator seating on the floor so to watch you had to be on the walking track that’s above the courts. I wasn’t too sure about this angle for taking photos and honestly it took me a little bit to track and focus well but when I was able to get the swing of it, I ended up really liking this different perspective. It almost gives me a little vertigo looking at this photo – it’s hard to decipher the depth of this shot. Regardless, it’s something different, unique and a way that I’m not used to shooting.

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