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Week 9 of 52: Winter

For week nine I chose 'winter' (and not because I like it!). ;)

I took this photo on our long weekend on the North Shore. This was on our last day, on our way home, actually. I had been told this was a neat spot for photos and Trip Advisor raved about it, too. So, on our way home, down Scenic Highway 61 we veered off (after we missed the the turn the first time) to Stoney Point. The wind was whipping so the waves were huge and there were crazies actually out in the water surfing!!! Brrrr!!! The ice that had formed on the trees/branches/brush was sooo neat! I've got to say, even though I despise winter I could've stayed on that road and watched the aqua-colored waves roll in and splash all day BUT my hands were frozen so I called it quits probably within a half hour!

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