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Week 16 of 52: Time

These challenge suggestions I started the year with are getting more difficult; I'm going with that they're open to interpretation. :)

For 'Time' I chose this photo of daughter Kaitlyn's volleyball gear. This bag has seen countless tournaments over many years and looks the part. Sidebar: be grateful photos aren't yet scratch-n-sniff! There are numerous ribbons attached and are varying size, color and design. These ribbons represent each match played - until about two years ago when they simply became too cool to 'do ribbons' anymore. :) Girls would rotate bringing ribbon for a tournament to wear in their ponytail or braid and then they got tied on to their bag; the ribbons became kind of a badge of honor. Her shoes and kneepads are photographed here, too. While these aren't as old as the bag and ribbons (no way would anyone survive with one pair of shoes or kneepads that long!!) they still show the wear and tear and if you look closely enough the heart and passion Kaitlyn carries for volleyball.

A combination of Kaitlyn's injury (ACL) and just the normal unknown, we don't know how much, if any more use this bag will get but it has certainly withstood the test of time and carries not only the gear but blood, sweat and tears along with a vast amount of memories.

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