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Class of 2017 - the Cousin Edition

Rounding out the ‘Cousins’ theme with a few of my favorite kids. :) Jack, Kaitlyn, and Sara are cousins who will graduate, from different high schools, the spring of 2017. They were born within four months of each other so of course there are photos of them together from way back in their diaper days. I’ve had the idea to photograph the three of them together for quite some time just because I think it’s so cool they’re all the same age, going through the same milestones at the same time.

We headed downtown St. Paul one evening in early June, had the requisite Cossetta’s for dinner and jumped right into the shoot.

Of course, first there was gelato from the Pasticceria.

Then, on to the main library and Rice Park. I loved the balloons – they were perfect for the three of them – until we lost the ‘0’ (if the wayward balloon ended up in your yard, give me a call!).

After that we headed over to the Wabasha Bridge area and Kellogg to finish up the night:

Silliness while setting up the shot:

The actual goal:

A couple of the kids and their mommas (Whoops! Missed mine...! ;) ):

And to finish it off:

These are three awesome kids (of course there’s some bias there) and I couldn’t be more proud of the three of them! Thanks Jack, Kait and Sara for going along with my ideas and being so much fun that night! Love you all!! XO

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