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Kaitlyn | Class of 2017

And just like Lauren's college graduation, while I know Kait's high school graduation is fast-approaching I really am not ready for it. That's it then, my babies are both all grown-up!! How is that even possible? That officially makes me old, right?

You know how they say tough times are a true testament to someone's character? Well, this girl has had a heckuva last nine months and the strength - emotionally, mentally and physically - that she has shown is something I am incredibly proud of! To have an injury dictate your senior year (and summer, too!) just plain stinks but she never complained, kept up with PT and worked hard to be able to play volleyball again this winter for the 'one last time tour'. ;)

This senior thing is bittersweet, really. I am so proud of her but I am also so sad that this part of her life is soon behind her, her childhood is over - onto adulthood. I'm going to grab a kleenex... ;) Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Kait - make memories, have fun, make good decisions. Love you bunches!!

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