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Lovely day, lovely family

Sometimes things happen and you look back and think 'this was all meant to be'. I'm not exactly sure how all the stars aligned so perfectly but they did and I honestly could not be more grateful. Ashley reached out to me late in July that her family would all be together that weekend and if there was there anyway I'd have availability on that Saturday they'd love to do a big family session. It's rare to have free weekends on short-notice but I did and I was more than happy to be available for them. In fact, I knew this was something I had to do, no matter what. So, despite a major shoulder injury two days before their session - with my husband questioning if it'd be better to reschedule - I knew I had to power through and somehow (a little extra adrenaline probably) this beautiful family's session went on as planned.

It was a beautiful summer morning which was absolutely fitting for this family. The love for one another, and especially between Robbi and her daughters, was palpable. We wrapped up the session with Robbi and her girls and they were such beautiful moments to witness and it was not lost on me that during that time there was a cardinal squawking overhead.

This is a session that I will always treasure and I am so blessed to have been chosen for this day.

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